My name's Chris, and I look after Ignition. In 2019, I started out photographing vehicles as a hobby, building on the decade of photographic & editing skills I have in other areas. Since 2021, the growth in our reach and demand led to Ignition being a fully fledged creative offering.
Our specialities include:
> Automotive, Motorsport & Lifestyle Photo and Video
> Social Media content creation
> Weddings & Events
> Aerial Photography (Landscape, Inspections, Property etc)
> Dog shows, race events and general animal photography
> Product & services

We've delivered a number of projects for automotive retailers, vehicle ad campaigns, product / dealership launches, weddings and more. Our work has been featured internationally in both print, large physical advertising and of course digitally. The links at the top of the page showcase these.
We're currently open to working with new clients and have excellent availability.
It's best to contact us on Instagram - or reach out to We usually reply within a couple of hours on Instagram and within a day via email.
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